Power Rangers Pink Ranger Costume for Toddlers


Dress your little one up in this mighty Toddler Power Rangers Pink Ranger Costume. This jumpsuit has a padded chest and printed details on it. Finish the look off with the headpiece.

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Think PinkSure, you’ve always known your little one was powerful. When they were a wee baby, they could summon you in the blink of an eye with their far-reaching screams. They could wriggle free of any swaddle. And don’t forget how early (and swiftly) they learned to crawl! Now, your kiddo is a toddler, and they haven’t stopped amazing you. They can bound up and down stairs without falling. They ride the highest slides at every playground. And they summit tall rock walls in a single bound.Since your child is already showing such signs of physical strength and mental might, you may as well dress them in this Toddler Power Rangers Pink Ranger Costume for Halloween — it’s clear they are headed for great things! Lucky for you there are still years to go before they become an actual teenager who can join the Power Rangers squad. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use this time to dream big, practice their moves, and become even more magical.Design & DetailsThis licensed look comes with everything your kiddo needs to morph into their favorite ranger! It’s an easy-to-wear jumpsuit that secures with a hook and loop fastener in the back. It’s styled like the pink ranger, with white diamond detailing, a short attached skirt, and the official Power Rangers belt. The foam mask secures via elastic and protects their true identity! Protector of HalloweenYour child — and you — will absolutely love this costume as they race through the neighborhood on Halloween night, protecting it from evil…aka those houses where they give out toothbrushes instead of candy! 

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