Power Rangers Boy’s Red Ranger Costume


Your kid will join the elite team of the Power Rangers Boys Red Ranger Costume when they put on this costume. They will be the leader and the strongest Power Ranger in this Red Power Ranger Costume.

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Destiny AwaitsAre you a misfit? A loner? A screwup? Maybe you’re none of these things, but for as long as you can remember, you’ve just felt a little…different. A little special. You have this sense that there are bigger things beyond the scope of our planet. An epic destiny is out there somewhere. You’re just waiting for it to find you.Wait no longer! The mighty wizard Zordon has chosen YOU, and invested you with incredible powers! Speed, strength, durability, mad combat skills: You’ve got them all, thanks to Zordon. Plus, as the Red Ranger, you have another special talent. Your ability to manipulate elements, specifically air, makes your fellow rangers cheer as you whip up a windstorm to confound your foes. Just make sure you put all those downed power cables back where you found them.Product DescriptionWhen bad guys come knocking, you’ll be ready in this Power Rangers Boys Red Ranger costume! You’ll be instantly recognizable to your fellow Power Rangers in this red battle suit. The helmet can withstand (imaginary) mortal combat with humanity’s enemies without cracking or denting. Your signature red suit is made of 100 percent polyester, making it oh-so-flexible for those high kicks and karate chops. A cool belt around the waist and red and white boots complete a look that will strike terror into the hearts of evildoers. Also, can we talk for a minute about the fact that this suit gives you crazy muscles without having to work out? Now that’s a superpower!It’s Morphin’ Time!Your destiny awaits when you put on your Red Power Rangers suit and join your team for some major baddie butt-kicking. Humanity cheers you on as you square up to its fiercest foes. You’re going to nail that superhero landing!

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