Police Woman Costume


Keep the law and order on the streets wearing this Women’s Police Officer Costume. This costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween season, and will help keep everyone in line.

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The Girl in BlueYou don’t become a police officer by accident. Twisted things happen all the time in our crazy world. But you’re all about making things a little bit better. Writing parking tickets, pulling over distracted drivers, and helping elderly folks cross the street. It might not be glamorous, but it all helps keep everyone safe.You’ll be ready to keep the streets safe when you’re dressed up in this fashionable but no-nonsense policewoman ensemble. You’ll like the slim cut pants that can be paired with cute boots or sensible shoes. The button-up short sleeve top is cinched with a wide belt, perfect for holding your handcuffs. The look is topped off with a structured hat and polished with metallic badges to make you look official. Product DetailsAre you ready to protect and serve? This cop costume is sure to make this Halloween a favorite! This women’s police costume comes with everything you need to look the part. It starts with a button-up shirt in the navy blue color of classic cop uniforms. The matching pants fit with an elastic band for a comfortable fit. It also comes with a black, faux leather belt that fits around your waist. The hat has elastic in the band to fit most sizes and the costume even comes with clip-on badges to round out the look. Put it all together and you have an authentic look that will make you feel like a real law enforcement agent.

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