Pokemon Women’s Eevee Dress Costume


You’ve trained to be the very best! Now show them what you’ve got in this adorable Women’s Pokemon Eevee Dress Costume! That’s a scary looking Charizard, but I believe in you Eevee.

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Do the EvolutionWe all evolve. It’s just something we have to do as time goes on. As we grow up, we change and discover brand new things about ourselves. We’re constantly looking towards the future and what we might become. Some Pokemon, like Eevee, feel the same way. Maybe one day an Eevee thinks that it’s going to grow up to be a fire-type Pokemon. Then, later it might decide that it’s going to transform into a water-type Pokemon! Eevee has near-infinite possibility… just like you!When you dress up in this Pokemon Eevee Dress Costume, you can ponder the infinite possibility that awaits you, or you can just enjoy being the most adorable creature from the classic video game series. It has a cozy dress design that’s both cute and comfy.Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume captures the style of Eevee from the video games and anime series. The costume comes with a light brown long-sleeved dress with pale yellow borders on the skirt and the sleeve cuffs. The dress also has a tail attached in back. The collar is the same color as the dress borders, and helps create the look of Eevee’s fluffy fur in a cartoonish style. The character hood is designed to look just like Eevee’s face, complete with eyes and nose in front. The pointy ears stick up on either side, completing your transformation into the classic Pokemon.Along for the RideIf you want to explore your own limitless possibilities, or if you just want to dress up like your favorite character from Pokemon, then this Eevee costume is an easy choice. Be sure to check out our Pikachu costumes as well, since it’s always good to have a  few extra Pokemon pals along for the journey!

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