Pokemon Squirtle Accessory Kit for Adults


Accessorize your look this Halloween season with this Pokemon Squirtle Accessory Kit. This costume includes Squirtle’s shell as well as it’s face as a head piece.

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Getting the Squad Back TogetherHow long has it been? 1997? The Squirtle Squad Pokemon episode aired over 20 years ago and it’s still the only thing we can think about when we see a Squirtle. What are they up to these days? Did they split up and go their own separate ways? Did they stay clean, or did they fall back into a life of mischief? Well, perhaps it’s time that you continue their story by stepping into the role of one of those water-type critters with one of these Pokemon Squirtle Accessory Kits. You can even team up with your friends to unite the iconic squad!Product DetailsThis accessory kit comes with everything you need to make your own Squirtle costume. The kit begins with a shell with a super soft, fleece exterior. It comes with an inflatable interior and can be blown up to get that classic shell shape. The shell fits like a backpack with clear, adjustable shoulder straps. The headpiece is made out of matching, ultra-soft material and fits with an elastic band around the edge. The top of the headpiece has embroidered eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Add a pair of sunglasses to your order and you can even bring the Squirtle Squad back together!

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