Pokemon Adult Charizard Deluxe Costume


Why should have have to walk all the way to the Elite Four when you can take to the skies! Fly to the stadium in style when you wear this Pokemon Adult Charizard Deluxe Costume!

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The Final FormRemember that amazing moment? You know, when your starter Pokemon makes its final transformation! It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. After all, you got to watch it grow from the moment you stepped outside of Pallet Town. You got to watch your Charmander battle it out with gym leaders. It went from scrappy little monster to champion-level contender!Well, now you can relive that amazing moment by transforming into your favorite starter Pokemon, fully evolved, of course! This Charizard jumpsuit costume will have you ready to attain your most powerful form, just like your starter!Product DetailsNow, you can make the final evolution yourself with this Pokemon Charizard Deluxe Costume. The costume is inspired by Charmander’s final form, and it’s as comfortable as it is fiery! The lightweight jumpsuit is made out of a bright orange fabric that has a light yellow belly in the front. The hood has Charizard’s face embroidered on the top of it, and it even has a pair of horns. The finishing touch to this costume comes in the form of a pair of wings. After all, you can’t be the best fire-type Pokemon without wings! The outfit comes with a pair of wings that attach to the back.

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