Plus Size Womens Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Costume


Get ready to cast a spell on those around you this Halloween when you wear this officially licensed Plus Size Womens Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Costume. Features Winifred Sanderson’s classic look as seen in the Disney movie.

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An Enchanted EveningSome people want an elegant style that makes them feel like a princess. They want to practically float through the night in a gossamer gown. We have to admit that image is pretty amazing! Then again, others want more. You might want to not only fly through the sky… but own the evening, too! Perhaps you’re looking for a style that survived from Salem all the way into the modern era. Trade in the wings of white for a magic broomstick and a spellbook with all the mojo a witch could want! In fact, have twice the fun by becoming all our favorite queen of witches, the eldest Sanderson Sister! All it takes is a few words from a spellbook and we will have our winning Winifred appear in a snap.Design & DetailsIf it turns out that finding a real spell book is harder than it seemed, we have another way to help you feel just as magical. Give a twirl and transform into Disney’s Hocus Pocus witch when you wear this officially licensed Winifred Sanderson costume. Our in-house design team cast their incantations for weeks to bring the classic Hocus Pocus look to life. Your ensemble begins with a dress that features multiple layers of fabric from the crinkliest purple to its magical overlays. Golden dress cords accent your look while you don Winifred’s coat, featuring long, draping sleeves and bronze jacket clasp. Complete your transformation with our Winifred wig so you can master her superior style. All you’ll need to support is the powerful personality! Team up with a couple of your own sisters to complete the Sanderson coven for the greatest Hocus Pocus group costume of the season!

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