Plus Size Women’s Bearded Lady Circus Costume


Have you ever wanted to join the circus and show off your talents? Now you can with this Plus Size Women’s Bearded Lady Circus Costume!

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A hairy situationSo, you’re planning on attending a circus-themed costume party, eh? What on earth are you going to wear? There are so many options! But you’re more daring than the average costume partygoer. You don’t want to be some cliche character, like a clown, an acrobat or a sexy ringleader. What else will really make you stand out from among the crowd?We know! Why don’t you go as a bearded woman? Flirty acrobats are so last Halloween, and there will probably be at least three at this year’s party anyway. Bearded ladies have been a staple of carnivals and circuses since the 1800s. Josephine Clofullia, who toured with P.T. Barnum, had such an impressive beard that she was actually taken to court because someone was convinced she was a man in disguise!Now, we understand the difficulty in committing to this costume… It can take forever to grow a beard, and the party is in two days! That’s not nearly enough time to became a truly authentic bearded woman. But we think we can help with a handy little cheat!Product detailsYou’re sure to be the star of the show with this Plus Size Women’s Bearded Lady Circus Costume! With this exclusive costume, you’re guaranteed to be the only one dressed like you are! The red polyester satin dress is floor length and possesses a stellar old-fashioned style. It comes with a front black-and-white striped inset that recalls circus tents of years gone by, and there’s glittering gold trim that runs along the front as well. (The costume does not come with a beard and, yes, we’re aware of the irony of this situation.)Ready for the roadNow that you have your exclusive bearded lady costume, you’ll be ready for anything, whether that’s a costume party or really running away with the circus!

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