Plus Size Women’s Army Flightsuit Costume


This exclusive Plus Size Women’s Army Flightsuit Costume is a detailed, high quality flightsuit that is sure to make you feel like a real pilot. Just don’t go flying any planes without a license!

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Ladies, let’s face it. It’s time to take to the skies. The boys have been in charge of the cockpit for far too long, and we think it’s about time womankind gets to pilot the coolest jets, bombers, and reconnaissance aircraft to be found. Don’t you agree? We figured you’d be on board, and that’s why we designed this women’s Army Flightsuit costume. Styled just like something the American military would wear, you’d be all set for flying the skies with this sweet style! Grab the suit, head down to the tarmac, and get ready for your mission.100 percent polyester, this gabardine jumpsuit is form-fitting, and a slight style upgrade from your typical standard issue military wear. Accent zippers decorate the chest, and functional zippers secure functional cargo pockets on the thigh. A belt ties around the waist, and accents like an American flag patch and U.S.A. stencil complete the flight style.In plus sizes 1X and 2X all you’ll have to do is put on the included hat to complete the style. We’re sure, with this pilot costume, you’re going to be the top flier to be found. And even if you’re not planning on taking flight, you can sure party like you’re an ace with this costume!

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