Plus Size Steampunk Fantasy Costume for Women


Travel back in time in style with this Plus Size Steampunk Fantasy Costume for women. Available in size 2X.

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Ever given much thought to how we come across those fantastic flying airships when we’re in the midst of our magical fantasy adventure? It’s a little implausible, at times, that we live in a world without firearms and no real knowledge of how to use fuel ignition systems. Occasionally it gets explained away by the incorporation of magic into technology, but that never goes well for anyone. Yet, still, we see that airship coming and we get excited. (At least we do the second time, since we’re pretty sure that the ship is going to get destroyed a few minutes after we get it the first time.)Well, there is a whole industry behind these glorious ships! And the answer comes to the Steampunk universe! Never thought that your fantasy got mixed up with steampunk, had you!? But, the steampunk shipwrights know exactly what they are doing. Blending old world Victorian knowhow with modern mysticism, and all of it wrapped up in a style that cannot be beat!Don’t get caught up in the small things in life. It is time to think big and dress big, too! Be the master steampilot in an epic adventure with this Steampunk Fantasy costume. This dress has a keyhole neckline and short puffed sleeves and an asymmetrical design… because what steampunk stylist believes in symmetry, anyway!? A faux leather choker has a decorative buckle and your fingerless gloves feature some fancy ribbon bows. Molded plastic goggles can be worn over your eyes or, more appropriately, over your head or even tied along the bodice lacing that moves through loops of gold braid and faux leather straps. Heck, maybe with you as the captain, our airship might even last through its first introduction!

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