Plus Size Simply Santa Costume


When you go in this Plus Size Simply Santa Costume, you just might feel a little more jolly, and a lot more like St. Nick! It’s a fun look that’s very affordable.

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The only thing better than being Santa, of course, is being more of Santa. This much should be obvious, but we digress. Here, we present to you just that.Being Santa around Christmastime is an absolute delight. Every adult smiles at you, every kid loves you. They sit in your lap and tug on your beard and ask you to double check their name on your naughty-or-nice list (which you will of course do, since that’s part of your job, after all). You become part of some incredible magic in the air, as if you, yes you, are the one single-handedly delivering those presents all around the world on Christmas. “I’m sold,” you think, about to click buy. But wait!What if we told you there were even better times to be Santa? You wouldn’t believe us, right? Well just wait til you meet up with your friends on St. Patrick’s Day dressed as everyone’s favorite St. Nick. What will they think? Their minds will be blown and they’ll have to concede you schooled them all. Or just go to the mall. Sure, sounds kind of boring, but wait til a kid spots you, excitedly exclaiming “Santa!” You feign surprise and run off to hide. You’ve just made that kid’s year! They’ll be telling their friends about spotting Santa at the mall for months. Or what’s a 4th of July celebration without America’s less-celebrated founding father, Santa. What’s that? You don’t think Santa helped found America, write the Constitution? Fine, go look it up. Hang on! Don’t go look it up, just trust us on this one. Definitely factual history. So being Santa doesn’t have to be a once a year opportunity. It can be fun all year long. What are you waiting for, St. Nick? Put some smiles out into the world.

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