Plus Size Naughty Nun Costume


This plus size naughty nun costume is a sexy nun costume for plus size women. Pair this plus size sexy nun costume with a priest costume for a funny religious couples costume idea.

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Once upon a time there was a nun. She was certainly not nun material, but she was a nun the naughtier. She loved to run for exercise and show off her buff legs. It may not have been the most appropriate thing to do; however, she didn’t care. She ended up leaving the convent because she loved to run so much. But, she kept the nun get-up and cut it short to reveal her beautiful legs. Now, that she had the freedom to be the funny nunny happiness blessed her. She loved to do kick lines dressed in her nun costumes to shock new suitors, and knock their socks off. She loved to tease men while dancing circles around them. Her style was always silly with a sense of sweet. You can be like her in the Plus Size Naughty Nun Costume. Make a funny appearance as a religious couples costume with a priest costume. Or, go solo with your sassy self. The 100 percent polyester dress is pleasing to look at and comfortable to wear. There is lace up details on the bottom sides of the hem for added polish. The black veil with a white band headpiece is included. Get ready to have fun at your next Halloween party in the Plus Size Naughty Nun Costume. Get ready to dance the night away in a silly, yet sassy costume.

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