Plus Size Miss Dead Receptionist Costume


Gah, all of these dead people! It’s a chore dealing with all of these folks but someone’s gotta do it. Relieve your movie memories with this Plus Size Miss Dead Receptionist Costume!

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You thought your last boss was a real devil. The kind of person who makes you work holidays, and keeps you away from your family. A real jerk. He even told you that you need to ‘be a little nicer, like a good little woman’. That was the last straw. You quit right there on the spot. But now you are looking for a new job.You found an add for a secretary position. The only problem is that it says “Living need not apply.” Well, you really need a job. And honestly what does that even mean? It’s probably just some dude who pretends to be the Grim Reaper or something. You can get around that, you’ll just pretend also. That was three months ago. Turns out it wasn’t for someone “pretending” to be the Grim Reaper, but the actual Grim Reaper.You got the job. But now you need to keep the job. This Plus Size Miss Dead Receptionist Costume will help you keep fooling your boss into thinking you are already one of the dead. He’ll never see through the sash that reads “Miss Receptionist”, or your expert make up (seriously you could work on movies as the makeup artist). Already he has been a better boss than your last one. He even gives you holidays off! You just have to make sure his schedule is in order for those days.

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