Plus Size Mime Costume


When you wear our Plus Size Mime Costume, you won’t be able to speak, but that’s okay because you can instead act out everything you feel! Available in 2X/3X.

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Your friends all think you are the epitome of the strong and silent type–you’re always a great listener, you always demonstrate your emotions through action, and you always–ALWAYS–look great in black and white. What your group doesn’t know, though, is that you are really working hard to hone your skills so you can quit your job and become a full-time mime. Cool!The art of miming actually goes all the way back to ancient Greece, and has quite a distinguished history. But then, you know all of that already, don’t you? We had no idea what a mime enthusiast you were! It seems only fitting then, that we present to you this Plus Size Mime Costume, just perfect for your act’s big debut or a Halloween bash. After all, you are the kind of person who can make silence speak volumes, so your look should do the same for you. And this one says, I’m a serious, studied mime who will now blow your mind with my miming skills!It really is amazing how authentic this costume looks when you pair it with the classic white mime makeup. You’ll look just like a famous silent movie star in the striped shirt and black pants. Or you can perfect your rope-pulling or wall-climbing skills in the skullcap and red accents. However you wear it, wherever you go, they say the first step to living your new life is to dress the part–so this ensemble is a must for you! We bet you’d squeal with joy…if it didn’t mean breaking character.

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