Plus Size Labyrinth Deluxe Jareth Adult Costume


Transform into the glamorous goblin king this Halloween with our exclusive Plus Size Labyrinth Deluxe Jareth Adult Costume! This plus size costume is perfect for 80s movie fans.

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I’ve Brought You a Gift!Life is good when you’re the Goblin King. You’re good-looking and have a great singing voice. You can turn into an owl. You’ve got an underground labyrinth full of magic creatures happy to do your every whim (well, most of them are, anway. Some of them prefer to help humans). With all these advantages, it makes sense that you would…kidnap a baby and make his older sister go on a journey of self-discovery. Product DetailsTransform into an iconic figure from 1980s nostalgia in this officially licensed Plus Size Labyrinth Deluxe Jareth Costume for Adults! The exclusive outfit includes a long dark blue coat trimmed with magically shiny fabric on the wide cuffs and collar. Black ruffles fall from each wrist. The white shirt has a dark brooch pinnned to the center of its ruffled collar. The dark blue pants look perfect when tucked inside your favorite pair of boots. Grab your orb and let the games begin! Goblin King, Goblin King, Wherever You May BeBe careful what you wish for! The Goblin King is always listening. Sometimes he’ll be funny, charming and helpful. Other times he’ll be scary and mysterious. No matter what, he’ll always be stylishly dressed! You have to be, when you’re a magical ruler. This outfit is a great choice for Halloween and any other costume party. Sadly, it can’t actually turn you into an owl. But maybe you’ve already gotten that part of the outfit taken care of! 

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