Plus Size Flower Child Costume for Women


I can totally see your aura, girl. It’s like, all blue and beautiful and stuff. You’re all like, peace and love and spirit and whatever. You would like, look so groovy in this Plus Size Flower Child Costume.

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All we are saying is give peace a chance. – John LennonWe really think John Lennon was on to something when he wrote those words. Wouldn’t the world be a splendid place if everyone on it just learned how to get along? That’s the philosophy the hippies choose to believe and we have to admit that we kind of agree with them. No more wars and no more senseless fighting would make for a great world to live in!If you happen to agree with us too then maybe the hippie lifestyle would be perfect for you. You’d spend a lot of time organizing peaceful protests and making signs that will help get your point across while you’re out being a true community activist. They also attend festivals, when they aren’t trying to promote change, and that’s where they have all their fun. Peaceful fun, of course!If you think the hippie lifestyle is the right one for you, we urge you to become a flower child like the ones from the 1960’s. This flower child costume for plus size ladies is everything you need to make the big lifestyle change. In true retro fashion, this white dress has large bell sleeves and a lace pattern at the bottom. The long brown fringed vest is fun to dance in while you’re celebrating at a festival with your hippie friends. The daisy headband is the perfect finishing touch on this blast from the past costume. Just throw up your peace signs and get out their and advertise peace, love, and happiness!

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