Plus Size Fleur Delacour Costume for Women


Don’t miss out on causing a few witchery tricks of your own this Halloween. Choose this this Plus Size Fleur Delacour Costume for Women and enjoy dressing up as your favorite Harry Potter character.

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A Breath of Fresh AirYou’ve packed your trunk, you’ve sent your owl home with word of your big news, and you’ve enjoyed one last feast in the Hogwarts great hall. Now it’s time for your term abroad, studying at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic! Part of a new student exchange program, you get to live and study amongst the best and brightest (and most lovely) French students at their chateau palace in the Pyrenees. How nice to get a change from the beloved but drafty corridors and Engish fare of Hogwarts.You will need a new school uniform, of course, to fit in among your peers. And you simply can’t do any better than this Plus Size Women’s Fleur Delacour Costume! After all, Fleur is the star student at Beauxbatons, and looking just like her will set you up for success there.Design & DetailsCrafted in our costume studio with the finest attention to detail, this exclusive look closely replicates Fleur’s official school uniform. It’s a periwinkle, long-sleeved, A-line dress with subtle pleats and French detailing, such as decorative buttons, a cute collar, and a matching capelet. The felt hat is the final addition to your magical transformation.Floo-La-LaOf course, if you’re too young to apparate and there are no portkeys to be found nearby, you can always travel to Beauxbatons by floo powder. Just give your costume a good brushing off once you arrive. You don’t want soot to spoil the stunning effect of your arrival. 

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