Plus Size Elle Driver Nurse Costume


Become one of your favorite characters from the movie Kill Bill with this exclusive and officially licensed plus size Elle Driver nurse costume complete with nurse costume and eye patch. Available in 1X and 2X.

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Code Name: California Mountain SnakeDon’t let the nurse outfit fool you. Elle Driver is one baaaad woman and she’s not looking to help anyone get back on their feet. She’s cold-blooded, much like the snake that she’s named after. She only cares about Bill and, of course, performing her job as an assassin to perfection. Now, you can achieve her cold-blooded look with this officially licensed costume from Kill Bill.The Elle Driver Nurse costume comes with everything you need to look like the Quentin Tarantino character. The white dress looks like a vintage nurse outfit. The matching hat can be pinned into your hair and the finishing touch comes in the form of a white eye-patch. The eye patch even has a red cross on the front to match the nurse style.

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