Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter Costume


Become the wizards of wizards in Hogwarts and master your magic craft in this Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter Costume. Test your skills and overcome your challenges!

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You’re a Wizard, Harry!You waited years for your letter. You checked the mail and the chimney every day. You put off college, relationships, friendships and career opportunities, knowing that any day you could be leaving for Hogwarts. Finally, you just… gave up. You thought you weren’t a wizard. Then it happened!A letter! Emerald ink on thick parchment! On the back was the seal of Hogwarts! It was time!”To whom it may concern, there seems to have been a slight mix-up at the Ministry of Magic. Our records show that you have not received your invitation to attend Hogwarts, although Hagrid assures us that he dropped it off years ago already! At least he is fairly certain. Kind of. In any case, you have been approved for admission to Hogwarts. Congratulations! This is a big step for you, and we know that it may take some time to get your affairs in order, but please be sure to buy this Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter Costume before you show up. As you no doubt know, all students are required to dress up like Harry Potter, according to Wizard Law. Hopefully we see you soon at Hogwarts!”Wow! It seems so legitimate! That is definitely a real letter and not an ad! Awesome!Product DetailsThis exclusive and officially licensed Plus Size Harry Potter Costume is exactly what you need for all your wizarding adventures! It comes with a faux silk tie, just like Harry’s. The v-neck soft-knit sweater has an embroidered Gryffindor crest on the chest and could easily have been taken from Harry’s own wardrobe. The Dickey, with its hook-and-loop fastener, is very reminiscent of one that Harry once wore. We want to stress that the hooded robe is not the invisibility cloak and is, in fact, very visible.  Its red satin lining on the sleeves and front edges make it more like a visibility cloak.By Foot, by Train, or by Flying CarNow that you have your letter, all that’s left is to determine how best to get to good ole Hogwarts. It’s a long trek on foot, plus there’s that pesky ocean. The train is convenient and comfortable, but you still have to get to King’s Cross station… Flying car! That would work. It’s classy and comfy! As you roll up in your Plus Size Deluxe Harry Potter Costume, you’ll make a great impression on all the other new students for sure.

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