Plus Size Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume


Become the most infamous DC femme fatale this Halloween with our exclusive Deluxe Harley Quinn Plus Size Costume! This deluxe Halloween costume is perfect for classic Batman fans.

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What a JokerComing into your room, you set your oversized hammer down on your bright red and white sheets. It bounces a couple times before settling deeper into the pillowy mattress and causing the bedding to bunch up and untuck from the sides. The sudden steady beeping sets your heart racing as you turn look more closely at the sheets.Underneath the comforter, someone has wired your bed with a webwork of small explosives! The hammer falling into the middle has caused a timer to start, that is slowly counting down from 10. You scramble out of the room and into the hallway as the entire room behind you is lit up in a garish green light and a loud, familiar, maniacal laughter.Heading back inside, you see that the wall and ceiling are plastered with fresh green and white paint in the shape of an unbelievably wide smile. Taking in the destruction, you can’t help but smile. That Joker is such a sweetie!Cool and ComposedThe best way to show off your kinda crazy side is with this Plus Size Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume. You will love the classic style of the costume, from the ruffled sleeves to the fold-over boots. The bouncy baubles on the hat and the crazy kerchief are enough to make any harlequin happy!Harley an InconvenienceIf you are looking for the perfect Harley Quinn costume, then this is the one for you! You will love this crazy cute costume, just watch out for do-gooder bats!

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