Plus Size Brown Cow Costume


Make Halloween one to remember with this comfy Plus Size Brown Cow Costume. Made by us, this costume comes complete with tail, utters, and a fun cow face hoodie!

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Field FunHow now, brown cow? Nope, it’s not an elocution exercise, it’s what people will be asking you again and again this year in this fun costume we made for you. It really makes us think about Mother Nature. She sure did out-do herself in the animal kingdom’s diversity department, didn’t she? She made Earth home to creatures ranging from the cuddly to the creepy, the slimy to the scaly, the weird and the wild. The more regal dogs and cats get all the love, and the colorful and exotic reptiles get all the attention. Even the scary animals like bears and wolves get attention through fear and intimidation. But so many animals don’t get the spotlight they deserve, just because they don’t strike fear in your heart or play fetch with you!Design & DetailsThat’s where you come in, believe it or not. With the help of our exclusive Plus Size Brown Cow Costume, we’re confident we can harness that potential if only you slip into the hooded jumpsuit and take its reins. Erm, horns, we mean. It’s also part of our Made By Us collection, so you can trust the quality and care that went into every single stitch! Mother Nature surely intended for this pairing of cool human and fun animal, we just know it.A-MOO-ZINGLike the cow. Standing in a smelly field somewhere chewing on its cud, it’s not the most pretty to look at, but something about those horns and udders just draws us in. They’re majestic, in a way. Regal like the matriarch of a farm, sitting at the head of a table full of corn. So while they’re not a top-tier domesticated animal, we definitely see the potential, and we can’t believe it goes so unnoticed. We’re ready and determined to put some respect on the cow’s name!

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