Plus Size Black Shiny Leggings w/ Faux Front Fly Costume


Finish off your look with these women’s plus size black shiny leggings w/ faux front fly. These leggings are perfect for completing a classic throwback look.

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Some costumes need a little something extra for comfort, for style, and to complete your desired look. These black shiny leggings with a faux front fly, for instance, will let you shake and shimmy with comfort and ease. They are a great alternative to wearing a dress because they’re eye-catching, chic, and trendy. Not to mention… they’re perfect for dancing the night away! You can create a variety of stylish costumes using these liquid latex leggings. For example, create a Pink Ladies costume, a cat costume, or a pop star costume with the help of this one piece of apparel! They’re great additions to our Grease costumes for women and are generic enough to be paired with any do-it-yourself costume you’ve been working on. We recommend you leave a shocking impression when you dance up to the apple of your eye and demand: “Tell me about it, stud!”

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