Plus Size Adult Black Cat Costume


Bad luck or good luck, no matter what way you view it this Plus Size Adult Black Cat Costume is full of sheer sass! The perfect comfy, yet cute costume, for all your party needs.

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Princess of PurrsCats are divas. We all know it – and we know that they deserve that status. They’re sooo cute with that soft, shiny fur and those tiny toe beans, and they have the attitude to match. You never know whether they’re going to be your sweet lil’ cuddle buddies or a hissing rage monster ready to shred the curtains and stand on your toast. Maybe your friends would say the same thing about you (except for the whole standing-on-the-toast part). Your put-together appearance and your princess attitude are both part of your charm, and you can be a homebody or a party animal – whatever the situation needs!Product DetailsIf you’re the sort of person who is just as happy to snuggle up on the couch as to go out on the prowl with some of your best girlfriends, you need an outfit that can handle both scenarios. Voila: this exclusively designed Plus Size Adult Black Cat Costume! The black polyester-velour jumpsuit is comfortable and stylish – just as perfect for a Netflix marathon as it is for a spooky Halloween costume party. It fastens up the front for easy dressing and features a long sewn-on tail that you can pose however you like thanks to its interior wire. The attached hood pulls up over your head and is sewn with two adorably pointed cat ears. It’s the Cat’s Meow If you’re still searching for the perfect costume, don’t let your fur get ruffled! Just slip into this jumpsuit and let your cat-itude do the rest. 

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