Pipe Wrench Prop


This Prop Pipe Wrench is a costume accessory that’ll have you looking like a gritty horror movie character, or maybe a plumber. It all depends on what you wear with it.

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Trying to put together a creepy handy-man costume or maybe more of an original psycho-killer getup? Perhaps your psycho-killer is also a creepy handy-man…yikes! Now that would be quite the terrifying character…did you just get chills too? Well then, moving on! Why not grab this rusty pipe-wrench accessory and add to the nightmare! This realistic pipe-wrench looks like it has seen a fair share of action over the decades. Now whether this ‘action’, in the backstory you create, will be referring to having fixed a lot of leaky pipes or having bashed in many a heads is a decision you will have to make. Once you have this accessory your costume is already almost complete, we’d say just go grab a pair of bloody overalls and suddenly the transformation is finished! You have successfully become Hollywood’s next franchise serial killer! Now all you need to do is trademark a chilling maniacal laugh you can use while your victims try to escape down a poorly lit ally.

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