Pioneer Woman Costume for Women


This Adult Pioneer Woman Costume is a detailed, historical look that will make a great choice for a costume party, reenactment or play.

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Home on the FrontierWhat’s going to happen when you set out west to become an American pioneer? Well, we think that all of those frontiersmen are going to find out in a hurry just how to have a good party! You can rock out when you go in this fantastic Pioneer Woman costume, and with classic historical details that matter, you’ll have no trouble teaching your new village how to boogie!Product DetailsThis all polyester dress combination looks just like something you could have put together in an 1800s five and dime store. With an elegant calico print skirt and matching bonnet to contrast the solid blue dress top, you’ll be ready to hang out with your family on the homestead, or to pop on the apron to take care of all of those pioneer chores. And of course, when you hang the apron up for the night, you can just hit the town square and do a little jig to some fiddle music. Pioneer life is hard work after all, so we think it’s okay to cut loose and have some fun every once in awhile! Step back in time with this adult Pioneer Woman costume and get ready to liven up your historical reenactment.

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