Pinocchio Costume Hat


We ain’t got no strings to hold you down, but we think you will love this Pinocchio Costume Hat anyways! This features the bright yellow hat that Pinocchio wears, with a light blue ribbon band and a bright red feather on one side of the hat.

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Do you think you could manage if you could only tell the truth? We’re going to venture to guess no. It’s nothing personal, we promise! But we all tell lies for so many reasons. Sometimes we tell them because the truth would hurt someone we love or care about, and we want them to be happy. Then there are those lies that we tell to get ourselves out of trouble, big or small, that we repress from our memory right afterwards. There are fibs we don’t even realize we tell! Of course, there are lies we will never forget, perhaps some mischief from our younger years that we gloat about every now and then.Now imagine if every time you told one of those simple lies, your nose grew just an few millimeters! Not sure about you, but we wouldn’t even be able to stand up! We would tip right over on our big nose. These normal, everyday lies we use to navigate reality would be impossible for Pinocchio! Poor Pinocchio, that young puppet boy, might be able to sing and dance but he’ll never be able to tell his boss that their input was warranted, thoughtful, and appreciated. What a problem to have.With this officially licensed Pinocchio Hat we have here for you, you can can get away with the lies that would be devastating to Pinocchio, while sporting his cool hat! The molded felt hat has a ribbon band and red feather tucking into its left side. It can be custom shaped, too, so no worries if you’re afflicted by some curse that, say, makes your head grow every time you tell your boss what they want to hear. (We’re sorry to hear that, if that’s the case.) This hat will look super cute and that’s no lie, we promise you!

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