Pink Satin Costume Gloves


Dress up to impress in these beautiful Pink Satin Costume Gloves. The perfect addition to any princess or Victorian style costumes to add sheer elegance and class to your look!

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Prim, Proper, and PristineMost princesses have an extensive wardrobe. Gowns in every color for all occasions are kept in closets bigger than our bathroom. They have rooms for their shoes, and drawers full of tiaras, necklaces, and other jewelry. Gloves are another important accessory that they have in many varieties. Is there a reason that gloves are part of a complete ensemble? Of course, they look elegant, but why wear them day in and day out? Well, when you have that many people shaking (and kissing!) your hand all the time, it might be a good way to protect yourself from who knows what germs while still looking refined. It also saves your hands from all the ink when you’re signing autographs! And if you find yourself in a parade, gloves really stand out while you’re doing all that waving.Product DetailsThese pink satin costume gloves are a must for any princess when meeting the public. Of course, they would go well with a pink dress, but you could pair them with any gown you like to add a pop of color! They’re mostly made of nylon to give them that luxurious shine, but they include just a little spandex for a bit of stretch. Princesses come in all shapes and sizes, after all, and so do their hands! Even if you don’t have an upcoming meet and greet, you can still add these to your wardrobe and start working toward that royal bathroom-sized closet.Popular PrincessIf you need that final accessory for your royal look, these pink satin costume gloves are for you! Complete your costume (or your closet) with this pair of elegant gloves.

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