Pink Pig Costume


Get together with your barnyard pals in this adult pig costume. This exclusive costume also comes in a plus size.

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Oink Oink!Does anyone ever tell you to clean your pig sty? That you need to get off the couch because you are becoming a pig? You scoff, because come on, your bedroom doesn’t look that bad. So there are a few socks on the ground. And some dishes that have been in there since…well you don’t really remember when, but still. It’s not that dirty. And the couch is comfortable. It fits your body just right.We know the feeling. Our bosses keep telling us to clean up our office. But all those Funko Pop dolls help us work better. And we can’t get rid of the Nerf guns, we do battle with them against the marketing department. So, we are with you! Say no to the people who want us to clean up.This year, let us all wear this Adult Pig Costume in solidarity for the “pigs” of the world. We will have a million pig march on Washington, demanding that people stop telling us to clean up. (We might still listen to our girlfriends though, but no one else!) We will demand the right to live in a pig sty until the time when we choose that it really is kind of disgusting. We will demand that people stop telling us to get off the couch. Demand that they stop telling us to put away our Funko Pops. Demand they stop telling us to pickup our dirty socks. Say yay to the pig revolution.Oink Oink!

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