Pink Feather Eyelashes with Glue


If you’re looking for a fun pop of color to go with your costume makeup this year, these Pink Feather Eyelashes with Glue might be what you’re wanting!

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Fabulously Forward-ThinkingWe absolutely applaud whoever it was who invented mascara. They looked at their eyelashes and said, “These are good, but what if we jazzed them up a little?!?” And boom, now we can look like 1950s movie stars whenever we want, thanks to our lucious lashes. In our opinion, though, that mascara inventor didn’t go far enough. Volume and length is great, but what about color and embellishments? Bring it on, we say! Product DetailsLook like a creature from a fairy tale when you wear these Pink Feather Lashes with Glue! The hot-pink falsies are made of flirty feathers that can be trimmed to your desired length. The kit includes a tube of adhesive with an easy-to-use applicator tip. The eyelashes peel off comfortably when you’re finished. Bat Your EyesThe eyes are the windows to the soul – let yours tell the world what free spirit you are! These pink beauties will make any costume unforgettable.

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