Pink Adult Baby Kit


Travel back to when life was simpler and become a baby again with this funny Pink Adult Baby Kit. This kit will make you one irresistible baby this year for Halloween.

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Let The Baby Have Her BabyAdult temper tantrums aren’t cute. If you scream, cry, and throw yourself on the airport floor when the airlines loses your luggage, you’ll receive some pretty horrified looks. When you reach adulthood, it’s not acceptable to throw a fit when things don’t go your way. That was only (slightly) tolerable when you were a miniature version of yourself. Now that you’re fully capable of feeding and clothing yourself, it’s expected that you maintain your composure during stressful times. If you miss the good old days of bottles, blankies, and public outbursts then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a way to revert back to your baby-self. The pink adult baby kit allows adults to get away with childish behavior because you’ll no longer pass for a grownup  Product DetailsThis pink adult baby kit is so easy to wear, an infant could figure it out. It comes with the diaper and jumbo safety pin which fastens to the front. If you want to complete the look shown here, you’ll need the pink baby doll costume and jumbo bottle. (Good thing we sell that too!) Playtime! Once you’ve transformed into a little one, feel free to crawl around, drink beverages from a “baba,” and scream as loud as you want, but if you need your diaper changed, don’t come crying to us.      

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