Pineapple Costume for Adults


Be the perfect sweet refresher with this Adult Pineapple Costume. Even with it on, you won’t prick anyone. This costume will make everyone laugh when they see you.

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transform the partyDo you like hanging out on the rim of adult beverages? Are you tangy yet sweet and ready to turn any old Northeastern party in autumn into a tropical island getaway complete with sweet drinks and warm music? Does your sweetness pair well with salty and as a result do you—gasp—belong on pizza? Why, you happen to sound a little like one of our favorite fruits: pineapple!product detailsEmbrace your new identity with this Adults Pineapple Costume! It’s an all-polyester pullover tunic that uses a hook and loop fastener on the back. The hat has stitched-on felt prints of pineapple leaves to really sell it. Snag some dark jeans or leggings and some similarly dark sneakers to tie it all together!mr. versatileWe couldn’t in good conscience ask this tasty, versatile fruit to do one more thing! We won’t harp on and on about the pizza (our country is divided enough as it is). It turns a regular punch into a fruity extravaganza, where every sip contains a new citrus and every bite oozes with evermore flavor. And of course, certain creatures under the sea like to hang out in and around them.

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