Piccolo Mask


Being the baddest Namek in the universe isn’t too hard when you’re the son of King Piccolo. Since you’re not a Namek, you’ll need this Piccolo Mask, licensed from Dragon Ball Z.

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With a face like that, Piccolo probably has a hard time walking down the street without scaring small children. It’s not so much the fact that he’s green or that he has goblin ears or even the weird slug antenna poking out of his forehead. It has more to do with the fact that the Namekian fighter always seems to look angry, wearing a scowl on his face that could metal steel. All we have to say about it, is that it’s a good thing Gohan warmed his heart a little bit, otherwise we’d have to deal with that scary face as a bad guy, instead of one of Dragon Ball Z’s main heroes. Just in case you don’t have your Namek mean face down to a science, this licensed mask recreates the look of the Z Fighter from the anime.

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