Pet’s Lion Costume


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my? Nope, it’s just a Lion pet costume! This costume will make your pet the most adorable king of the jungle you have ever seen!

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Not a fluffy lion, George?We really love the way our pups look. They are so fuzzy, and cuddly. We just want to hug them, and squeeze them, and call them George. They are so fun to play with. And we just love them so much. We want them to love us too. We play fetch, and are always prepared with treats. But, we also like to see our lovable pets in weird outfits. Like a cat wearing a hat made of it’s own hair.Well, we have this Lion Pet Costume. It will make your precious George into a wild lion. The kind that likes to have milk bones, and likes to snatch a tennis ball out of the air. He will be the cutest lion in on the plains (or in the neighborhood). Sure he may not like getting into it at first, but bribe him with treats like when you take him to the vet. Because who doesn’t want to see a dog as a lion? We do!

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