Peppermint Candy Ugly Christmas Sweater for Adults


Turn yourself in to your favorite Christmas time candy when you wear this Peppermint Candy Ugly Christmas Sweater. This sweater features a knitted red and white swirled pattern that looks just like a peppermint candy.

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Cozy, Yet CoolPeppermint stripe candies are one of the most underrated sweets of all time. They are often relegated to the unfortunate category of “grandma candy” in the world of sweet treats. You know, along with black licorice and those weird hard candies that look like raspberries. Well, we’re here to dispel that kind of thinking. Peppermint candies are the bomb. They make your breath fresh after you’ve eaten that hearty Christmas dinner. That cool sensation can give you a nice jolt of energy. And that delightful color? It’s the perfect contrast of daring color and subdued undertones.Well, we managed to combine the classic candy with a cozy ugly sweater design! This Peppermint Candy Ugly Christmas Sweater is the best way to get a cool look while you warm up.Product DetailsThis adult ugly Christmas sweater is a sweet treat for anyone who respects the minty cool candy. The sweater is made out of a cotton and acrylic blend, making it comfortable option that will help you stay warm during those winter months. The knit design comes with a red swirls in it to really capture the look of the holiday candy. Just slip it on and you’ll be ready to change the hearts and minds of those peppermint candy haters out there!

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