Peace Sign Hippie Purse


Groovy man! Finish off your peace and love hippie costume this Halloween with this Peace Sign Hippie Purse. This purse is perfect for your Halloween night.

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Peace Out Sometimes you feel as though you were born in the wrong era. Here you sit in your office, feet pushed into high heeled shoes, typing away at a computer that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Obviously you love your life now, but don’t you find yourself pining for a simpler time when you could wear flower crowns, go barefoot, attend huge concerts and shout about making love, not war? Good news! You can be a modern-day flower child after all! We’re guessing that your business probably has some kind of dress-code policy that requires you to wear shoes, but you can still add a groovy accessory to brighten your day. Product Details Complete your hippie costume or just add a touch of rad to your everyday threads with this exclusive Peace Sign Hippie Purse Accessory! You’ll love the tie-dyed peace symbol and the convenient crossbody strap. A zippered closure keeps your Woodstock tickets safe. Make Fashion, Not BoredomTie dye and peace symbols have been scientifically proven to add cheer to the gloomiest day! Ok, we might have made that up, but it sounds legit. Right on! 

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