Paw Patrol Movie Marshall Deluxe Toddler/Kid’s Costume


Take up the mantle of Marshall from the Paw Patrol and protect the city with this Paw Patrol Movie Marshall Deluxe Toddler/Kid’s Costume. This costume is perfect for fans of the hit movie.

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Feel the Pup PowerFast, loyal, brave, and sure, a bit clumsy, Marshall is the resident Fire Pup of Paw Patrol, and to say that your child is a fan would be putting it lightly. Your little one already loved to watch Marshall help Ryder and the rest of the crew save the day again and again on their favorite TV show. And then…the Paw Patrol movie came out, and now it’s a full-blown obsession!So imagine your kiddo’s surprise and delight when they unwrap this Kid’s Paw Patrol Movie Marshall Deluxe Costume in time for Halloween. Yep, pure glee! Now your child can transform into their favorite rescue pup, Marshall, with this easy-to-wear costume, and all of Halloween can feel like a trip to Adventure City and back. They can grab their friends and go trick-or-treating with Chase, Skye, and Rocky, or they can zoom around solo in their (imaginary) fire truck, rescuing tasty morsels of chocolate from the evil fate of becoming Halloween leftovers. Either way, this costume ensures you have one happy, helpful little Dalmatian on your hands!Design & DetailsThis costume looks complex but is actually quite simple to pull off, thanks to clever detailing and construction. It’s a back-zipping jumpsuit, but the attached Pup Pack covers the zipper up. The legs are printed like Dalmatian fur, as is the attached tail, but the long-sleeved top is a cute take on Marshall’s official fire pup uniform. Add the fire helmet and Marshall is ready to go fight fires, save stranded friends, and act as a medic. Or, you know, he can just go trick or treating and have a blast! 

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