Parks and Recreation Women’s Janet Snakehole Costume


This Parks and Recreation Janet Snakehole Costume is the perfect costume for any Parks and Rec fans! Channel your inner posh persona and spike up a conversation with Burt Macklin!

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A VERY RICH WIDOW…Who can know the deep secrets of the wealthy widow that constantly flees from the investigative attempts of the world’s most famous FBI Agent, Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin? The mysterious, exotic, and ever-on-the-run posh widow must always be aware of her surroundings or she may be caught and tried for all the crimes she certainly didn’t commit! It was her sister who burned down the mill! How can anyone have died if no one has found a body!? The only way one can ever truly know the secrets that hide within this dynamic character is by prying into the mind of one April Ludgate. No one really knows why this local government employee knows so much about the mysterious widow who can be seen frequenting the Snakehole Lounge in Pawnee, Indiana. Of course, you might be able to discover some of those truths if only you would pretend to be April pretending to be Janet! That’s so crazy, it just might work!DESIGN & DETAILSBegin your life anew when you slide into this officially licensed and in-house crafted Janet Snakehole costume from Parks and Recreation. Begin with the black, three-quarter sleeve dress that ends just above the knees. This dress has a round neck and satin cravat details that give you that air of elegance only a wealthy widow would have! Fear not, for you’ll be clutching the pearl bracelet and necklace while glaring suspiciously through the black veil of your pillbox hat. All you need to do is work on your 1920s femme fatale accent! … WITH A TERRIBLE SECRETDiscover the hidden truths of Janet Snakehole. Better yet: create new ones! What will your mysteries be? Will Burt Macklin ever catch you… or will you get the jump on him this year? Only time will tell, but you know that this is going to be a hit with anyone who loves the deadpan humor of Aubrey Plaza.

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