Padded T-Rex Jawesome Costume Hat


Wear this exclusive Padded T-Rex Costume Hat and pretend you’re a fierce dinosaur! Your friends will love your new identity as a green prehistoric creature!

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Say you want to capitalize on the renewed interest in dinosaurs this year by dressing up like the fearsome T-Rex at your new costume party, but you also want to be able to easily snack on all that good candy. With a regular costume and regular mask, you wouldn’t be able to put anything in your mouth. (You also wouldn’t be able to reach the snack platter with those puny T-Rex arms!) Luckily, we have anticipated just such a problem and created a special hat just for you: the Padded T-Rex Hat.This hat looks just like a real live T-Rex head, so much so that children will probably run screaming from you while every archaeologist in the 5-mile radius will come running. It fastens around your face, though, so you can still see and (more importantly) eat. The hat is made from soft foam and has cloth lining for an extra comfy fit, along with a size-adjustment band at the back. It also has a nifty pocket for concealing your cash or ID card (even dinos need pocket change!).

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