Overwatch Women’s Tracer Deluxe Costume


Jump into the world of your favorite video game with the Overwatch Women’s Tracer Deluxe Costume! Fight your way to victory or enjoy a lot of attention at your next convention.

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YOur Favorite Video GameWant to hop into your favorite video game? We say “oh yeah” to that! We are all about costume fun around these parts, after all, and what could be better than bringing the action to life? You do, of course, spend a lot of hours grinding out matches with your squad, so why not suit up as your favorite character. Tracer!She’s ready to blast with the twin pulse pistols, and using “blink” to blip around the map is not exactly unhandy, either. So, we think it’s totally worth replicating her style at your big costume shindig. And, of course, we’ve got the costume to play the part. It’s officially licensed and ready to help you win Halloween!Product DetailsThis Overwatch Women’s Tracer Deluxe Costume has all the signature style from the vaunted video game hit, Overwatch. It’s designed as a costume jumpsuit, fully printed with signature details, and features gauntlets attached at the elbow. A polyfoam backed vest slips over the jumpsuit and also features printed details for further style. Complete the look with the included goggles, your own sneakers will work just great. After all, you’re gonna want to be prepared for battle, should you have to zip around the party to blast bad guys!Gamer style for gamers!We’re all about getting you the costume experience you’re looking for, and if you’re a gamer, you might as well pick a video game theme! Overwatch might be your first choice, but we’ve got plenty of other video game styles, too, from modern hits to the classics of video game lore. You can even outfit your friends and family, to get everyone in on the fun. With our selection of costumes, we’ve got all the gear to make the good times great. So, go on, push play!

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