Outdoor Clown Inflatable Archway Decoration


Add this exclusive Outdoor Inflatable Evil Clown Archway to you spooky decorations! It will be the perfect touch to finish your haunted house or your circus of terror!

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Open Wide and Say “Unicycle!” Clowns are tricky creatures. Sometimes they’re the lovable buffoons who pile out of too-small cars, wear squirting flowers, and hand out balloons at birthday parties. Other times, they’re the sort of sneaky ‘sinistarios’ who hide in storm drains and terrorize the neighborhood. Is it just the luck of the draw or is there a way to figure out their secrets? Maybe you can analyze their makeup. Perhaps it is all about the wildness of their wig. There’s gotta be a way to get into their head.Design & DetailsIt turns out that when you host this Inflatable Clown Archway, you will get right in touch with what makes a clown tick. This Made By Us decoration measures just under 10 feet tall and comes to life in no time when you plug it into the wall and flip on the fan. Perhaps those angled eyes, dark purple paint, and sharp fangs suggest it might be evil. Perhaps the look of it clawing its way from the depths adds a notch to the scary column. (Maybe the fact that we included ‘Evil’ in its name implies that, too!) But we know that it is going to be a delight to anyone coming to visit your den. Redefine the entryway to your home or set it up as an iconic way to let folks know where they can find the party.

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