Ninja Warrior Costume for Boys


This Boys Ninja Warrior Costume puts your kid’s sneaking skill to good use! You can send your child on recon mission throughout the neighborhood.

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A Stealthy ShortcutHave you looked at the rising prices of ninja schools these days? It’s through the roof! These days, you’re better off teaching your child the secret art of the shinobi yourself. But what if you don’t know much about being a ninja warrior? Well, you can teach your kid powerful ninja lessons like stealth techniques and a really sweet jump kick – so long as you know how to dress them for the part! Looking like you are ready to be a ninja is the first step to actually becoming one, and this affordable kid’s costume is the perfect way to make your child feel like the ninja warrior that they are training to become!Product DetailsThe jumpsuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at the back for easy on and off. It comes with a hood that has a wide foam cowl collar with silver edging and a printed red dragon emblem. The matching silver-edged foam belt fastens with Hook and Loop fastener. Mask their identity with the black mask that has fabric ties behind the head and neck. Then all you’ll have to do is top it off with the silver foam throwing star that fastens to the belt with Hook and Loop fastener. Get ’em this costume, and we’re sure they’re going to be ready to start their training!A Fiesty FutureThis kids ninja warrior costume is the proper gear to get your child started on their way to becoming a classically trained ninja this Halloween. In fact, this boy’s costume makes for the perfect beginning to your child’s journey into the world of ninjutsu. All you have to do is suit him or her up! Should be the beginning of a bright (yet sneaky) future!

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