Ninja Infant Costume


Transform your little one in to a super fighting ninja when you put them in this exclusive Ninja Infant Costume. This costume feature a black ninja outfit with red accents.

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It’s finally happened. Your little one has finally made it to that special age. You can finally start teaching him your secret techniques. It’s time for his ninja training to begin.The real question is… what secret move will you teach him first? Will you begin by teaching him the fist of a thousand tiger claws? Maybe you should start by showing him the flying porcupine kick. Ooooh! You could teach him how to do the broom of doom move!Easy there, great shinobi. Before you teach your brand new ninja any secret ninjutsu, you’d probably better get him an outfit that he can wear, like this infant Ninja costume. Designed by our secret legion of deadly ninja masters, this costume magically transforms your child from a normal baby, into a super-ultra-mega baby shinobi of DOOM! Of DOOM we tell you! The costume comes with a single onesie that has an attached hood, so you just need to wriggle him into this quick and easy jumpsuit to get him ready to move like silent wind.Once he has it on, you’ll have your own personal sidekick to follow you on secret ninja missions. You could infiltrate the cookie jar to acquire the secret sugary snacks of power, or you could use your ninja skills to finally defeat the evil imaginary monster that’s been lurking in the closet. But first, you’d better start with the basics and teach your little one to shout a hearty “HiiiiiYAH!” to frighten all of his enemies!

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