Ninja Arm Cuffs


Give your ninja costume a little extra sleekness with these Ninja Arm Cuffs! These black arm cuffs feature a grey seam design.

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Ninja StripesWhen you’re going on an important mission, it’s crucial that you have every detail completely prepared. You never know when students of opposing schools are going to sneak up and cause issues with your objective, snatch away the target in the last moment, or… worse yet… show up in the exact same enchanted suit of Shadow Armor.(What is with that, anyway? You didn’t fight through the Seven Trials of Night to get the supposedly unique set of Ninja equipment just to show up and see NinjaGirl242 rocking the same legendary gear!) That’s why it is all about the right accessorization. With the proper cowl, you can be sure that your night vision and stealth is in perfect standing. The sash that bears your House sigil not only goes perfect with your look but has some seriously intimidating side effects on your opponents!Product DetailsNow it’s time to flex your might with these Ninja Arm Cuffs. The sleeves keep your upper arms bare, perfect for ninja tattoos (temporary or real) while giving a bit of a gleam from the ribbon wrapping that weaves up your arm. Flashy ArmorSome might say that some shine on your Shadow Armor is a bad thing. But, those are just bad ninjas. You can remain stealthy when you like and then use the blinding shimmer on your Arm Cuffs to let the ninjas named by numbers know they should go find the shadow door; this quest is yours! 

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