Mystical Genie Costume for Girls


Does your child yearn for adventure? With this Girl’s Mystical Genie Costume, your child gets a look inspired by the mythical beings from Arabian legends, so she’ll feel right at home when she’s heading out on a magical quest.

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Any Three WishesImagine this: you wake up one morning, brush your teeth, throw on your robe, and head downstairs. The air is chilly and the floor is cold on your feet, and you can’t wait until the coffee stops brewing so you can sip your cup. In your mind, you’re going through your To-Do list already: cooking, laundry, bills, and work. But when you flip on the light in the kitchen, there’s a genie sitting at your kitchen table. Upon closer inspection, you see it’s actually your child dressed in this Mystical Genie Costume. They stand up, holding a golden lamp in their hands. They walk over to you and say, “You do so much for me and this family. And now I will grant you any 3 wishes you like.”This sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it…is. But still, you have to admit that having a genie around has its advantages. And even if your child isn’t magical, per se, you can wish for things that they are totally capable of — like cleaning their room or babysitting their little brother. Every little bit helps!Product DetailsThis gorgeous costume is made exclusively by us, and it features an attention to detail that goes above and beyond. It’s a beautiful, billowy jumpsuit in a lovely seafoam color, with stylish accents and a beguiling face mask accessory. The bodice is sequined and the gold belt and neckline feature faux blue jewels that glisten in the light. It’s positively magical!

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