Musketeer Wig & Goatee Set for Men


My, you have gotten hairy! Wear this Adult Musketeer Wig & Goatee Set to complete your costume. Become the swordsman that everyone thinks you should be.

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Are you and your friends often referred to as Les Trois Mousquetaires or The Three Musketeers? Do you feel like a hero straight out of a Dumas novel some days, but just don’t have that d’Artagnan facial hair to match? Well boy do we have a deal for you! Throw on your most heroic duds and get ready to set out on a quest for an unforgettable evening.After all, what good will all your fencing skills and acts of heroism do you if you don’t have the manly whiskers ready for action that day? It can take weeks to get the right facial hair, but this Adult Musketeer Wig & Goatee Set lets you have the look in minutes! We’re all about instant gratification and we know you are too!

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