Mulan Women’s Deluxe Hero Red Costume


Take your Disney costume game up a level with the Mulan Women’s Deluxe Hero Red Costume. Become the hero that fans adored and fight to save your home.

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A Woman WarriorHiding her feminine identity under pain of death, one woman must step up for her family and save all of China in the process. It’s Hua Mulan, and nothing is going to stand in her way! Did you grow up watching Disney’s 1998 version of the Chinese legend and singing along to its catchy tunes? Maybe the new 2020 film has inspired you all over again. The gorgeous costumes and epic scenery really set the tone for the film. Dress up as the lead character of the 2020 adaptation with this Mulan Women’s Deluxe Hero Red Costume.Product DetailsThis reproduction of Mulan’s fighting uniform is made of polyester and foam. The sweeping jacket and shirt come as one piece and fasten at the back. The pants are elastic for better fit— and they are perfect for party food bellies! The armored skirt is foam, printed with realistic graphics that mimic metal pieces. It is also part of the belt, which fastens at the back as the jacket does. The sword is not included, but check out our website for some pointy (but safe) options! You never know when you will need to defend your friends and family. Bring Honor to Us AllDressed as the honorable Hua Mulan, we have no doubt that you will cut quite a respectable but daring figure wherever you choose to wear this costume! Is it a theme party for work or with friends? Is it time to chaperone kids as they go trick or treating? Mulan was always ready for anything, and now you will be, too! We hope you don’t have to fight any witches that can turn into birds, though…they seem pretty wily and very powerful. So keep an eye on the skies…even city pigeons might be magicians in disguise! 

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