Motoko Rainbow Goggles


Add these to your next costume to add a little bit of flair and style. The Motoko Rainbow Goggles will be a hit and a great addition to your biker, pilot, or cyberpunk look!

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Sweet Sky SailingWant to hear our hot take on flying? We think the idea of airplanes has held back our imagination when it comes to flying? Before the Wright Brothers took their flying contraption in the air, the skies were much more capricious! Victorians were floating around in colorful air balloons and inventing machines like the (admittedly dangerous) zeppelin. But what if we went back to ideation mode? You could become the pilot of a hovering bubble that free-floated 10 feet in the air. Or you could zoom through the sky in a bird puppet formed from wax paper and lightweight wires. The ideas don’t have to work, you just have to dream it up! Inspire your wild pilot costume with exciting accessories like this pair of rainbow goggles!Product DetailsThis cool pair of goggles is ready to fly! Strapping onto the head with a wide strip of length-adjustable elastic, the goggles are lined with foam for comfort. The goggles may have a smoky, colorful lens but they are not UV proof, so be careful with those sunny days! Flight of FancyAre you ready to take flight with an extra twist of fashion? This costume accessory easily pairs with traditional pilot costumes or a steampunk ensemble for an updated take on your hot air balloon day dreams!

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