Moss Grave Breaker Decoration


Looking for a particular undead skeleton that could liven up your graveyard? Then this Moss Grave Breaker Decoration will be perfect! It’s sure to give your lawn that extra spooky touch.

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No Rest for the WickedSome bodies just can’t be laid to rest. Sure, they might stay underground for a little while. You might even think that you’re in the clear. But sooner or later, the wicked spirit will complete their underground scheming and begin to make their way to the surface, scratching up through the soil slowly but surely. And when this undead creature pops up above the mossy surface, who knows what they’ll do next? Whether they end up scratching at your home’s windows or haunting the local countryside, whatever they do once they’re free of the grave is sure to be wicked!Product DetailsThis moss-breaker skeleton is the perfect addition to your graveyard scene. Designed to look like it’s crawled out of the ground, this skeleton is dressed in tattered, lightweight rags. The arms span just under 4 feet wide while the seven-inch skull has a wide grin and a white wig.Setting The SceneThis moss breaker figure is ready to tell an eerie story! Pair this skeleton with any of our gravestone props or fence decor. You could even turn on a fog machine to achieve that unholy graveyard feel. Whether this spooky character is part of the scene or it’s emerging out of the ground on its own, this figure is sure to send shivers down the spine of anyone that passes it by!

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