Morton Salt Girl Purse


Complete your Morton Salt girl costume this Halloween season with the Morton Salt Girl Purse! Now all you need is an umbrella and someone to throw salt overhead…

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Strike a Pose for SaltThere’s a reason why some trailblazers go down in history as fashion icons. The fabulous Coco Chanel pioneered the Little Black Dress and was known to favor a simple strand of pearls, a now-classic accessory. Marilyn Monroe showed that fashion can be fun in bright, feminine gowns and elbow-length gloves. And of course, who can forget the glamorous Jackie Kennedy and her chic hairstyle? We submit that one deserving gal has so far been overlooked by history’s congratulations. Her famous yellow dress hasn’t altered much at all over the years. That’s the sign of a true classic! Product Details No doubt about it, no conversation or meal will be bland when you have your Morton Salt Girl Purse handy! This exclusive accessory is shaped like the well-knon salt canister and features the Salt Girl and her trusty umbrella. The top unzips so you can stash your stuff – or store unused salt packs from restaurants. Whatever floats your boat! Please Pass the PurseOne look and you’ll agree – the Morton Salt Girl has earned her spot in fashion history. You’ll have no reason to feel salty with this cute purse in tow!  

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