Mordor Lord of the Rings Ugly Sweater for Adults


You will be ready to release the ring to lure them all into the volcano when you wear this Mordor Lord of the Rings Ugly Sweater for Adults. Makes the perfect apparel choice to show off your Lord of the Rings fandom and rid the world of the evil Dark Lord

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A Stroll Through MordorReady to visit Mordor? Well, there are plenty of sites to see there! There is a large community of unfriendly orcs, piles of ash and dust, and the Eye of Sauron, which sees all and glares upon all who would step foot into the forsaken land. Actually… we’re with Boromir. It’s probably not a good idea to casually walk through the most terrifying location in Middle-earth. Maybe it’s just better if you bring a little piece of Mordor with you wherever you go. This Mordor Lord of the Rings Ugly Sweater helps you do just that!Design & DetailsThis officially licensed Lord of the Rings sweater is a Made By Us design that combines imagery taken straight from Mordor with a cotton and acrylic blend construction. The unisex sweater has the Eye of Sauron, the One Ring, and many other designs from The Lord of the Rings. It also has rib-knit cuffs, waistband, and wrists to help give it a cozy and snug fit. When you have it on, you can bring the fiery hellscape of Mordor with you without ever having to step foot in there! (Just don’t wear it around Boromir… he’s not a fan.)

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